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Groomed To Win Youth Foundation

GTWYFoundation is a not-for-profit organisation targeted at young adults in public and private schools across the continent of Africa. Our vision is set around the core of positively engaging children between the ages of 5 and 18 years

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We organize programs that would impart, empower and transform children and youths to becoming responsible, responsive, dynamic and resourceful adults.
We organize programs that would impart, empower and transform children and youths to becoming responsible, responsive, dynamic and resourceful adults.

To groom and equip youngsters with the right tools and values for a successful future.

  • To reach children in both public and private schools across Africa with our message of transformation, and equip them with the necessary tools, to be responsible and successful adults.
  • Through projects/events, theme-structured lectures and seminar programs specific to the targets, especially during holidays.
  • To create a platform for grooming a decent crop of leaders and ambassadors for positive change for the future.
  • Early and purposeful preparation for leadership, through nurture and stimulation of leadership qualities and well -rounded skills for human relations.
  • Constructive and positive engagement of young people through skills and talent development.
  • To create a platform for friendship, networking among refined minds, and cross pollination of positive ideas and experiences among young people.
  • Mentoring and formulation of strategies for holistic development, including financial responsibility.
  • Widening the creative perception of the young adult to positive possibilities.
  • To stimulate active parental engagement and support in the development of young people.
Activity Plan / Scheduling
  • To hold lectures and seminar programs during holidays for pre-teens, teenagers and young adults.
  • The lecture topics will be aimed at preparing the young ones to be great dynamic Adults. Topics will be age appropriate for segmented audience and will include obedience, respect, integrity, discipline, peer pressure.
  • To engage the youngsters in constructive activities and help them develop people skills and career path.
  • To create a network of youngsters that will be accountable to each other for the right reasons.
  • To build self esteem, strength and character in youngsters
  • To create internship opportunities for the youngsters to help them cultivate and develop vital skills for work versus play.
  • To equip youngsters spiritually.
  • To mentor & motivate youngsters to achieve their full potential.
  • To guide youngsters on financial responsibility strategies.
  • To teach / encourage youngsters to develop healthy lifestyle.
  • To engage parents to keying into our goals and objectives by fostering a supportive attitude to the development of their children‘s strengths, managing and helping them out of weak and difficult areas, etc
Other Activities / Participations
We are involved in Sponsorships and Strategic Relations / Partnerships
  • Powers Teekystarz music talent competition.
  • Partner at Ambassadors summit 2015
  • Partner at Redball event organised by Eve Afrique. Themeof event: “Impacting the Next Generation for wealth creation”
  • Partner with Ideal Youth International NGO for “Discover to Recover” youth & Teenagers challenge event.
  • Sponsors “Expert Advice” page in Teeky Magazine
  • Collaborated on several outreaches in school events: cultural day, graduation, children’s day celebration events, sporting fiestas.
  • Co-sponsored community development initiatives/projects by other NGOs.
  • Facilitated mentoring sessions with Youngsters in social platforms.
  • Internship Deployment of youngsters to SME’s